New Document: Rome and the Revolution

If the world hate you, know ye that it hated Me before you.
- St. John, xv. 18.

New Document: Cardinal Manning’s Sermon at the Funeral of the Defenders of Rome

These were the men who, forsaking home and all that life holds best and dearest, went to bear arms as private soldiers, without hire and without hope, except that of defending the person and authority of the Vicar of Christ, and of shedding their blood, if need be, in the justest warfare and for the holiest cause.
-Cardinal Manning

New Document: Decem Rationes – Reason Four, The Councils

Now if any man shall become so dissolved & loose in judgement, as to balance himself (being but one) with all the Senators and Doctors of the whole world, and those incomparably more famous, more holy, more learned, more ancient; I would willingly behold that meretricious and frontless Countenance; the which after I have once exposed to your sight, all the rest I will leave to your more retired and morning thoughts.
-St. Edmund Campion